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The enhanced simfiles used to be removed when my original MediaFire account got suspended.  The links are listed in another page.

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"YOU" (SHUFFLE! Opening Theme) / YURIA


Single: 1/4/5/7/10

Double: 4/5/7/10

Original Step Maker: neothe0ne

What came into my mind is that Anime 1st Mix had the wrong "Shuffle".  So I got the right one from neothe0ne, add tweaks, an alternate ~Vee side~ and a brand-new Expert sequence.


SHUFFLE! is an h-type anime series I would not recommend to you guys due to having TV-MA ratings and content.  However, the opening and ending sequences are not violent, bloody, explicit or naked in any way, so I threw the video in.

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"Don't Say Lazy" (K-ON! Ending Theme) / Yoko Hikasa


Single: 2/4/7/9/11

Double: 6/7/9/11

Original Step Maker: rock n roll957

rock n roll957's original version was too hard to do because the freeze arrows made the player look away from the screen when doing it.  Due to that, I reduced the amount of freezes and steps to be DDR-accurate.

As a bonus, I put in the English version by Cristina Vee and the Power Rangers version by Ron Wasserman.  They have identical steps to the original, Japanese Yoko Hikasa version, but with audio swaps.


"A Stupid Barber" (with the steps to "HIGHER") / Sho-T


Single: 1/3/5/6/-

Double: 3/5/7/-

What I found out is that "A Stupid Barber" and "HIGHER" are nearly the same, hence it was remade into a completely new tune.  Both of the flows for the tunes are the same and have the same amount of bar measures.


The original steps for "A Stupid Barber" were very cool, comparing with "Try 2 Luv. U".  I didn't want the steps changed in the official releases, but thankfully I got a step swap done.



DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

"Inspector Gadget Theme" / Shuki Levy

Download (Normal)

Download (DDRMAX)

Original Step Maker: Ilonaya

I changed around the charts to simulate how it would be on an actual DDR game.

"ツヨクツヨク" ("Tsuyoku Tsuyoku") / mihimaru GT

Download (Normal)

Download (DDRMAX)

Original Step Maker: Tweety

The original chart was based on the Glass Fleet version of this song.  However, mine was edited to fit the version used in GUITARFREAKS & drummania v4: Rock X Rock.

"ムーンライト伝説" ("Moonlight Densetsu" English Version) / DALI feat. Cristina Vee

Download (Normal)

Download (DDRMAX)

Original Step Maker: The Mirror Of UM2

Get your facts right.  I had to replace the audio because the Cookie Jar Sailor Moon Theme is different from "Moonlight Densetsu".

"白金ディスコ" ("Platinum Disco") / 井口 裕香 (Yuka Iguchi)

Download (Normal)

Download (DDRMAX)

Original Step maker: AnTiHoLiDaYs

I shifted up all steps by one sequence type.