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Since my original MediaFire account got deleted, I had to reupload most of my later simfiles.  I put them in one enormous pack, and all the download links are listed below.

All of the following songs are included below:

"Power Rangers Megaforce Theme"

"Pizza Song"

"No Strings Attached"

"endless life" (from Advanced V.G. 2)

"YOU" (from SHUFFLE!)

"Don't Say Lazy" (from K-ON!, both Hikasa and Vee sides)

"Don't Say Go Go Power Rangers"

"Moonlight Densetsu (English Version)" (from Sailor Moon)

Part 1

Part 2


"Power Rangers Megaforce Theme" / Noam Kaniel

Download is at

Single: 1/6/7/8/-

Double: 6/7/8/-

This is the theme song to the 20th Power Rangers season, Power Rangers Megaforce.  The theme to Power Rangers Samurai felt incomplete, so that's why I did the Megaforce version instead.


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"Pizza Song" / Brak


Single: 1/4/6/7/-

Double: 4/6/7/-

This is the "Pizza Song" from the second/2012 and current incarnation of Cartoon Network's Cartoon Planet block.  I somehow decided to make a simfile not only to promote Cartoon Planet, but after finding out that the "Pizza Song" is about a minute and a half long.


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"No Strings Attached" / ★NSYNC


Single: 1/3/5/7/-

Double: 1/3/5/7/-

I put it here for the lack of ★NSYNC simfiles on the internet.  Supposedly, this is the titular track from their "No Strings Attached" album.

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"Ben 10 Theme" / Cartoon Network Studios


This is my very first simfile to use the DDRMAX-era BG effects.

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"無言の街" ("Mugon no Machi") / P-Bombers


This is originally from GUITARFREAKS & drummania V3 CS.  DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

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"Spider-Man Theme" / Shuki Levy and Kussa Manchi


DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

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"Moonlight Serenade" / HuneX


This is originally from Pop Town/Pinky Street Kira Kira Music Night (Nintendo DS).  DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

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"DUCKTALES ~WOO OOH~" (Ducktales Theme) / Mark Muller


DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

"Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Theme" / Mark Muller


A Japanese version is included here, with a different video sequence.

"ビバナミダ" ("Viva Namida") / 岡村靖幸 (Yasuyaki Okamura)


This is the Japanese opening to Space Dandy.

"ナンバーワン・バトルブローラーズ" ("Number One Battle Brawlers") / サイキックラバー (Psychic Lover)


This is the first Japanese opening to Bakugan Battle Brawlers.  DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

"Wild Vision" (English Version) / Kouji Hayashi


This is the first opening to the Virtua Fighter anime.  DDRMAX BG effects were used here.

Gabe's r21 Music Pack!

Coming Soon

50 Songs

Mixes: DDR 1st, DDR 2ndMIX, Console DDR, DDR X, DDR X2, DDR X3

Here is my very first r21 music pack for in the groove 2 AC.  No need to convert the songs and steps; all 50 are automatically converted.  If players do not have a nearby arcade DDR mix I mentioned above, but has a nearby in the groove 2 with r21 firmware, then you are at the right spot.  Besides, EXTREME is a 10-year old game and does not include the songs and steps featured on that arcade blockbuster.  A USB thumb drive is required to play these songs, so if you lose it, you can always re-download it here and use it on another USB thumb drive.


If you were wondering why the DDR 1st and 2ndMIX simfiles are given Expert/Challenge variants, these are the harder charts from DDR 4thMIX PLUS as the new "Maniac" sequences.  I give them a must-play, unless you are a newbie to the dance game universe.