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Clara Hananokoji (Midnight Bliss, Victory Quotes)

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Download (Ironmugen)

Original Author: Ironmugen,  NHK

This took me less than a day, but this one is not alternate-color compatible.  There is Clara's PE uniform, but I did not want to use it and I did not feel like giving her two of them (much like Anzu's/Téa's). 

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Haruhi Suzumiya (Midnight Bliss, Unused Sprites, Extra Colors, Victory Quotes)


Original Author: Choiyer

This is Haruhi's red yukata Midnight Bliss transformation, replacing her "bunny suit" one from the original. Much like Clara's kimono, but with various changes. One or the other, I did not give Haruhi blue skin. Due to technical limitations, I enabled alternate colors for this Midnight Bliss.

There were numerous patches I did to make Haruhi work properly on M.U.G.E.N 1.0. First, I edited haruhi.def and haruhi.cns to have her appear in proper color and give her victory quotes. To make battles less confusing, I did four more colors based on Sakura Kasugano (Y), Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner (B), Yuni Berth (Z) and Kagome Higurashi (C).

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Motoko Aoyama (Midnight Bliss, Extra Color, Edited Sprites, Victory Quotes)


Original Author: kinbo

This is Motoko's yukata from Episode 18 of Love Hina.  I did not make her feet as big as Haruhi's, but I was able to use less pixels as possible when drawing Motoko's toes.

There were numerous patches I did to make Motoko work properly on M.U.G.E.N 1.0. First, I edited the DEF and CNS files to add in the extra color (red hair and red sandals, color A) and the win quotes.  The win quotes are based on those of Akatsuki Musashi, K', and Robo-Ky.

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Battle Suit Black Sakura (Edited Sprites, Censored Sprites, Victory Quotes)


Original Author: rokuyuki

By making M.U.G.E.N safe for kids, I had to censor all sprites that seem pornographic.  For fun, I added toes to her feet because the original one had none.

The victory quotes I added in (besides the one about an English-speaking world) were made to parody Akuma/Gouki, Shao Kahn, Noob Saibot, Zappa, Ash Ketchum, Bleach, Bomberman Party Edition, and to reflect her friends (Rin, Illya, Saber, etc.).

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Raye "Sailor Mars" Hino (Censored Sprites, Victory Quotes)


Original Author: sakuraka

Sailor Moon is a kids' show, not an adults show.  Usually objectionable areas of the body get covered when his or her clothes get burned.  I did all this to make it safe.